US National Tour

Fall 2014 – Summer 2015

The entire show is slick and enjoyable. None compare to Tim Rogan as Lancelot. When he lets loose during 'If Ever I Would Leave You' I knew that I would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and moving voice

Marietta Lunceford, BroadwayWorld (Birmingham)

Tim Rogan's Lancelot is as passionate about his convictions as he later becomes about Guenevere... 'If Ever I Would Leave You' has passion and heat, and may be one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard

Cara Richardson, BroadwayWorld (Nashville)

Tim Rogan embodies Lancelot, rock solid BIG voice and well-chiseled lines...As Lancelot, Tim Rogan just stands and delivers the song with his powerfully appealing voice. Just stands. No theatrics, no doodads, no sweeping gestures, no sappy expressions, no frills. Just stands. Everything already is there in the song. That’s all that’s needed. Just sing, man. And Tim Rogan does. That really smart interpretation of a moment is representative of the really smart production overall

Warren Gerds,

The very difficult task of Lancelot was well done by Tim Rogan who remained sympathetic despite his chivalry’s tiresomely rigid code of honor and finally his breaking toward intended adultery because of a powerful desire for Guinevere. This production keeps the affair between the queen and the knight rather distant in an achingly unfulfilled way. When Rogan sings 'If Ever I Would Leave You' all of his resolve to remain pure melts away and a few tears were dabbed in the audience

Glen Creason, Hews Media Group (Cerritos)

Likewise, Tim Rogan is perfectly cast as the dashing Lancelot. From the moment he arrives on the scene (with the charmingly pompous 'C’est Moi'), I was hooked. And his delivery of 'If Ever I Would Leave You' provides another highlight

Amy Stumpfl, The Tennessean

Tim Rogan as Lancelot easily stole the show with his impeccable rendition of 'C’est Moi,' a song that highlights each of Lancelot’s virtues and perfections. Rogan’s perfect representation of the sarcastic song had audience members laughing from start to finish...Rogan stole the spotlight again during 'If Ever I Would Leave You,' a beautiful song in which Lancelot admits that he could never live away from Guenevere. Rogan sang through the entire song without move. He offered no dramatic or sweeping gestures. He simply stood with his arms by his side and stared into McNulty’s eyes, which intensified the passion and attraction between them

Nikki Sneed, Belmont Vision

Lancelot can be a problematic character in the show...But the role is not a problem for Rogan, whose commanding presence and ringing tenor make you believe that every word of his self-assessment, 'C’est Moi,' is not an idle brag but a statement of fact. And he makes palpable the romantic ardor of 'If Ever I Would Leave You,' which has been moved closer to the end of Act Two

James D. Watts Jr., Tulsa World

Tim Rogan's Lancelot is the epitome of what the role is supposed to be, an incredibly handsome and talented knight, his performance doesn't disappoint

Will Demers, Edge Media Network (Providence)

Rogan’s impressively conflicted Lancelot is virile and stalwart, yet painfully torn between his love for Guenevere and Arthur. If there is such a thing as noble infidelity, it’s here in this legendary ménage à trois. Rogan renders the famous ballad, 'If Ever I Would Leave You' with stirring, romantic reassurance. There is detectable resist and surrender in merely a glance

Paul Kolas,

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