The Rocky Horror Show

Buck’s County Playhouse

Fall 2019

The Rocky Horror Show provided a much-needed escape. Most notably with the character of "Rocky" as played by Tim Rogan. Aside from a terrible wig, everything else about this man's physique was exquisite and intentionally titillating and his acting and voice were incredible. Rogan was in on the joke of Rocky's scantily clad journey, but he was definitely being sexually objectified by the majority of the audience, and that's the point. It's often women treated that way in movies and film and why The Rocky Horror Show stands the test of time, or rather, ahead of its time.

Anne Marie Scalies, BroadwayWorld (Pennsylvania)

Alec Irion as Eddie, Tim Rogan as Rocky, Christina Sajous as Magenta, and Daisy Wright as Columbia are all excellent, serving up their parts and solos with the required sex and raunchiness and star power that is needed for an intergalactic science fiction musical.

John Dwyer, New Hope Free Press

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